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Singer DESTIN CONRAD is a rising star who recently popped up on our radar thanks to his collaborations with artists like Kiana Ledé and Mack Keane and ESTA. But he's also a great talent outside of working with his talented friends. He recently stopped by The TERRELL Show to perform his 2021 single "LIFE IS CHANGING" and answer a few questions about his life and art.

"LIFE IS CHANGING" is emblematic of the singer's laid-back style and so was his performance of the song. Wearing a sleeveless checkered sweater and black shorts with frayed cuffs, the singer performed the song with an air of ease as he paced back and forth on the studio's stage. Though he never reached for the falsetto highs or endless runs that seem to have become de rigueur in today's R&B, his approach was still engaging and inviting to those watching as he and his band played on.

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The singer, who is openly queer, also got pretty candid when he sat down with the show's host Terrell Grice. The two talked about DESTIN growing up in the church, what his coming out process was like and how his career started via the social app Vine. They also engaged in a few rounds of Terrell's song association game that every artist plays, with the singer impressing everyone with his musical knowledge.

If DESTIN CONRAD is as intriguing to you as he is to us, then you won't want to miss out on this one. Watch his performance on the show right here and then peep his conversation with Terrell (in which the 21-year-old also discusses the vibe of his next project) when you stick around.

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