Davion Farris Flips The Script On An Unfaithful Lover With 'Bad Guy'

Photo Credit: Davion Farris/Facebook

The narrative when it comes to affairs of the heart and heartbreak usually casts the men as the villains. But, if we're being honest, anyone can break a heart. It's a concept that rising singer-songwriter Davion Farris explores with his latest single "Bad Guy."

"Bad Guy" tells the story of a man who thinks that he's found a love only to discover that she's been unfaithful. The song opens with Davion talking about a suspect situation as he observes his lady sneakily texting someone who isn't him. "Turning your phone tryna hide / Damn, guilty-ass look on your face," he sings. "I thought that we caught a vibe / Clearly I made a mistake."

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Anchoring his romantic anguish is a guitar melody propped up by a solid, simple drum rhythm that keeps the track steady during the verse and propels it in the chorus. It also allows Davion to get in his bag on the track as he gets all his feelings out throughout the song. And boy does he get them out as he makes his case for why his girl is the heel of this story. "I made you my focus you made me an option / So you're the bad guy," he sings on the chorus with an audible pain in his delivery. "Treat you like the truth / And you still lied / Sometimes these girls be the bad guy."

The song's visual brings the story to life as it shows us how the situation goes down. We see Davion and his leading lady both in love and war. After a couple of seemingly close moments in bed, the mood suddenly shifts to arguing about her indiscretions. From there, it's the beginning of the end as she begins packing up her stuff. At one point, the clip shows the life they shared before that moment, emphasizing the rift that's now formed between the two.

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With this new song and his previous single "Sometimes," it sounds like we have a lot more to look forward to from Davion Farris (including a possible full-length album in the near future). Stream and watch his latest below.

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