Daniel Caesar Enlists BADBADNOTGOOD On Confessional 'Please Do Not Lean'

Photo Credit: Chris Skylark

Daniel Caesar is attempting to bounce back after talking reckless back in 2019 and raising the ire of his Black fans who swiftly canceled him at his request. While he's had some success thanks to collaborations, the past three years haven't been all "Peaches" and cream for the singer-songwriter. His surprise sophomore album CASE STUDY 01 didn't hit like his debut Freudian, but Daniel is hoping that his third album doesn't suffer the same fate. He might be onto something with its lead single "Please Do Not Lean."

For "Please Do Not Lean," Caesar enlists fellow Canadians BADBADNOTGOOD who hold it down musically while he shares intimate, introspective lyrics. He sings to his bride to be and questions their commitment. "Just how long will you stand next to me? / For we both know, it's more than a load / For you to bear / It'd break my heart, but I'd understand if you'd / Leave me for another man with a little / Less on his mind, less on his plate / Less in his brain," Caesar wonders in the first verse.

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Their relationship has some problems and so does he. He's given her reasons to leave, but he needs her to stay despite his shortcomings. "Please do not lean on me, I'm unstable / You're all you need, I've seen it, you're able," he admits on the chorus, hoping to make things work.

According to Daniel, “‘Please Do Not Lean’ represents a deeper understanding of myself and acknowledging the responsibilities I currently hold, respecting them and knowing my limits of when I can take on more.” He also stated via press release that the single, “is an introduction to the sound and tone of the next chapter in my career.”

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Daniel Caesar's next chapter will happen with Republic Records. He'll release his as-yet-untitled album on the label later this year. Listen to "Please Do Not Lean" below, and keep scrolling to watch his live world premiere of the song during his set at Coachella last weekend. While you're here, let us know if the song has renewed your interest in Daniel Caesar or if he is still on time out.

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