Col3trane Invites Us To An Awkward Party With 'Logan Paul'

Photo Credit: Col3trane/YouTube

Ain't no party like a Hollywood party because a Hollywood party is...weird? It's been said time and time again that some pretty bizarre things go down when you're partying with the stars. Col3trane has firsthand experience with this weirdness, and he details it with his song and visual "Logan Paul."

The song, named for the social influencer-turned-MMA fighter, details his feelings about a party he experienced that was a bit overwhelming. "'Logan Paul' is written about a time in 2019 I went to a party at Logan Paul’s house," the singer said in a press statement. "Or maybe his brother’s house. I’m still not sure. It talks about the insane things that you see at parties in LA. The plasticity of the environment and the fact that nothing feels real at all."

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The song lyrics are all his observations about the goings on. "Do they party when I'm not around? / Is this house always upside down?" he sings on the chorus. "I saw you wildin' on a kid with a face tatt / And he couldn't even manage a smile."

As the fun-yet-melancholy groove continues, he comments on the loneliness felt among the crowd, with everyone jockeying for clout and to be noticed but no one's actually seeming to have a good time.

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The song's visual gives the lyrics even more weight, with it beginning in a basement with men lifting weights and fighting in almost every inch of the room. Col3trane makes his way upstairs and enters a completely different scene. Beauties, rich folk, models and some strange characters are partying it up poolside with drinks in hand. However, this good time seems just as performative as whatever is going on downstairs and leaves the singer just ready to leave.

"Logan Paul" follows his previously released track "Plus Minus" and will also feature on his upcoming album Lush Life, which will hit stores on May 6th. Check out both the song and its video right here and then be sure to pre-save the set on your favorite streaming service.

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