Coco Jones Entices In 'Caliber' Visualizer

Photo Credit: Coco Jones/YouTube

This week unofficially turned into Coco Jones Week here at SoulBounce. But can you blame us? Coco Jones is that chick right now, and it's not our fault that she's so poppin' on our pages. On Monday, we reviewed the Black Girl Excellence that was her appearance and performance on The TERRELL Show. Then on Wednesday, we brought you a recap of her exclusive meet-and-greet with Atlanta media and tastemakers. And now to end the week, Coco Jones has dropped the slick visualizer to her single "Caliber," and here we are.

The clip begins with a nighttime aerial shot of a bustling cityscape with bumper-to-bumper traffic on a highway. The scene then quickly switches to a soundstage where Coco and a few dancers strike sexy poses in front of three large round white lights. The backlighting casts everyone in shadow, so you just see their bodies moving to the song's beat.

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Coco and co. eventually break out into some light choreography that matches the sultry vibe of "Caliber." The songstress provides us with a few body rolls, works her long ponytail and gives it to the camera with enticing looks for her gorgeous close-up shots.

Like many visualizers, the footage is on a continuous loop and there's no narrative or plot. Hopefully, this is the pre-cursor to a full music video for "Caliber" because the song begs for a full visual treatment. While we cross our fingers that there's more to come for "Caliber," get into its visualizer below, and stay tuned for much more to come from Coco Jones. She's just getting started.

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