Chxrry22 Unapologetically Gives In To Temptation In 'The Falls'

Photo Credit: Chxrry22/YouTube

Chxrry22 has made quite a splash with her debut single "The Falls." The latest artist on The Weeknd's XO Records released the song about her not being sorry for stepping out on her man earlier this month, and she closes out April with the track's equally unapologetic and hella sexy music video.

Director Nate Edwards' camera captures the gorgeous singer as both the temptress and the one giving into temptation in "The Falls." The clip opens with Chxrry22 backlit on a stage, with her shapely form mostly in shadow. As she begins her sultry performance, her face comes into view amidst smoke and red lights in the club.

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She soon gives the red light special to the bartender who's been her captive audience of one all night. When it's time to leave, of course, she leaves with him. Chxrry22 hops on the back of his motorcycle, and they ride across town to finish what they've started.

When Chxrry22 isn't in the throes of passion with bartender bae, we see her lying in bed next to her boyfriend. While he's fast asleep with his back to her, she lays there awake singing, taking a drag from a cigarette and remembering her scandalous stolen moments.

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Chxrry22 makes her bad decisions sound and look very good in "The Falls." Although the song's namesake Niagara Falls isn't included in the video, the waterfall isn't missed. Our leading lady's reckless dalliance is central to the narrative. Watch the visual for "The Falls" below to see Chxrry22 live and love on the wild side.

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