Chlöe Talks New Music, Spills Industry Tea & Shows Her Comedic Side On 'The TERRELL Show'

Photo Credit: The TERRELL Show/YouTube

We just knew when Terrell Grice announced that Chlöe would be on The TERRELL Show, we would be in for a good time. Chlöe comes to us as a singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, producer and half of the sensational sister duo Chloe x Halle. But as multitalented as she is, Chloe Bailey remains the same sweet, humble girl we were introduced to years ago as she gave fans a peek into her personal and artistic evolution during her sit down with Terrell. The dazzling performer dished on her emerging solo career, her singles "Have Mercy" and "Treat Me" and even spilled a little tea on what it’s been like navigating the music industry and about her solo debut album. 

Grice jokingly opened the episode referencing all of the social media buzz surrounding Chlöe. “All this person next to me has to do is breathe too hard, and she is already trending on Twitter,” he said and he ain’t lying. Chlöe has had her fair share of trending moments where folks have spoken on her – for better or worse – just for her being herself. 

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The rabble-rouser admitted that all of the talk used to get to her, but she learned to tune all of that out and focus on her craft. Chlöe candidly spoke about her relationship with the internet, describing it as "love-hate." She loves the internet for giving her and her sister a platform to showcase their talents, and knows that without it she wouldn’t be where she is today. But on the other hand, the internet isn't always a safe space. 

Bailey shared that one of her favorite parts of making music is producing because it marries things she loves – math, science, music and "building things." She credited artists such as Donna Summer, Nina Simone, Kelis, Janet Jackson and, of course, Beyoncé for paving the way and teaching women how to express themselves through their music and body. She also touched on the business side of the industry and how it is important for her to be equally business-minded as she is creative because you can easily get screwed over if there isn’t balance.

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Terrell and Chlöe played a few of his hilarious games and a time was had while they cut up and cracked up. At one point, she almost slipped and sang an unreleased song when he presented her with the word "Happy," but she quickly caught herself. Of course, Grice did try to get some details about her album out of her. Chlöe shared that it's already mixed and sequenced and feels like a summer album although she didn't share its release date.

Although Chlöe didn't treat her fans to a live performance like this season's previous guests, this episode of The TERRELL Show owes us nothing. She promised Terrell that she'd be back and would even bring her sister Halle Bailey with her. Until that time comes, grab a snack, pour some wine and let Terrell and Chlöe entertain you with their antics when you watch them below.

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