Bobby Earth Comes Through To Give Us A 'Cherry'-Flavored Groove

Photo Credit: Bobby Earth/YouTube

Bobby Earth has been a busy boy as of late while preparing to finally give us his upcoming album Party At The Ivory Tower. He released his single "One Thing" at the top of the year, digging deeper into his take on modern soul. Bobby continues to give us more of where that came from with his newest track "Cherry."

As is the case most times, "Cherry" isn't talking about the fruit. Instead, Bobby uses it as an allusion to a woman who he wants to give all of his love and affection. The song sets off on a romantic guitar riff as knocking drums keep the idyllic pace.

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The sweet feeling is further expressed on the chorus, with Bobby singing, "Cherry wine / Take your time on me / Apple pie of my eye so sweet / Clementine, summer, fall or spring / In the lime the way you shine on me."

The visual for the track takes a colorful approach — literally. There are bright oranges, vibrant reds, Technicolor blues and many other hues represented as Bobby Earth paints a picture of the love he's in. Of course, cherry red is the main color of choice, with the fruit playing a huge part of the motif. In fact, the artist himself becomes a pair of the delectable fruit as he sings the chorus toward the end.

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"Cherry" is an undeniable cut and one that will have us swaying to its tune all spring. Get into the song when you press play and stick around to watch the dreamy music video.

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