BeMyFiasco Treats Us To Story Time In '2 Car Garage' Video

Photo Credit: FEMusic/YouTube

Anyone who has moved away from their hometown has got some stories to tell about their initial experiences while striking out on their own. Perhaps that's why the short but sweet "2 Car Garage" from BeMyFiasco's debut album has caught the ear of so many. Now the Dallas-bred singer is continuing the story with an animated video for the song.

The singer turns to visual artist Távia McMillan (aka Cryptic Donuts) to bring her story to life, and she animates it beautifully as she captures BeMyFiasco and her tale. We see the singer pull up to the house that she was meant to live with her roommate "Dawn."

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While things seem good (if not a little weird), a little puppy trouble causes the entire situation to blow up and the singer is out on the street. Sadly, the same can't be said of her car as she turns to see it being towed away at the most inopportune time.

"2 Car Garage" is only the second visual from Where I Left You, following the Dallas-centric clip for "Bad Dream." Hopefully it won't be the last, as the album has a wealth of songs that we'd love to see get the video treatment.

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Allow BeMyFiasco to tell you her story when you press play below.

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