Arin Ray & D Smoke Are In 'The Mood' For A Red Light Special

Photo Credit: Arin Ray/YouTube

Arin Ray has been a constant presence on our pages for the past few years. But in recent times, the "Change" singer appeared because of his collaborations featured on the projects of others. Now, though, it seems the crooner is ready to step back into the solo spotlight. He's doing so in the sexiest way possible with the release of his sexy new track "The Mood."

"The Mood" sets the scene almost immediately thanks to a throbbing bass line that automatically sends a sense of romantic yearning directly into listener's minds. As it pulses alongside the gentle knock of the drums, Arin sets us up to be seduced with his entrance. "Baby, we been wilin' / All over the bedroom / Guess we chose violence or somethin'," he sings to his lady as the plink of piano keys joins in to further drive us toward the brink of passion.

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D Smoke pops up relatively early to drop a steamy 16 mentioning all the things that he wants to get down to, including being "wrapped in her legs" until things resemble Brazilian jujitsu (oh my!). The rest of the song focuses on Arin vamping on the chorus and recounting all the nasty words and moments as he and his lady become one.

The video is just as sexy an affair as the song. Red light bathes the entire clip as we see Arin and his lady kiss, rub, touch and caress while in various stages of undress. Nothing gets too explicit, but the the indication of what's about to come next is more than enough to titillate and intrigue even the most uptight among us.

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Is it hot in here or is it just the sex appeal of Arin Ray? We think it's safe to assume that it's the latter. Allow him to push all your buttons in all the right ways by listening to a stream of "The Mood" right here and then enjoying the (peep) show buy watching the video below.

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