Amber Mark Takes Us Even Deeper Into Her Psyche With Her 'Three Dimensions Deep' Short Film

Photo Credit: Amber Mark/YouTube

Amber Mark gave us her heart and soul when she released her official debut album Three Dimensions Deep at the top of the year. She also delivered several high-quality clips for the set's singles that have kept our eyes glued to our screens. Now that she's dropped the video for the song "Out Of This World," she's decided to combine all those videos into a 20+ minute short film for our enjoyment.

The clips involved — directed by Amber herself, Satya Zoa and Cara Stricker — seem pretty disparate at first glance, with only the singer being the common thread. But they are smartly stitched together by a series of vignettes. They take on the themes of each clip featured and blend them into the next in a way that keeps the flow going throughout the short film's length.

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It starts with the regal ghetto-fabulousness of "Foreign Things" before we see Amber playfully running away from the scene as a narrator speaks in French. Suddenly, a car mows her down and we see her on the ground while glowing shapes have spilled all around her. That leads us into "Out Of This World" as a flame-haired Amber floats through the cosmos, with her celestial body easing past others as she reaches out to touch the stars and nebulas. We're brought back to Earth with the cool tones of "Worth It" and the celebratory "Competition."

Then we're shown a young Amber, her third eye open, as she questions a woman about why she can't go deeper. After some assured wisdom, we're brought to the final portion of the film with "Bliss." When we originally viewed the clip for the song, we wondered about the clip's final coda. However, after seeing it in the context of the film, Amber becoming pure energy and dissolving into the air is the perfect closing of it all.

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Amber Mark is an artist with vision and it comes through loud and clear in this short film. You can watch it in full when you press play below. And, after you do that, make sure you see her vision in person by buying tickets to see her on her world tour via her website.

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