Allysha Joy Chooses To 'Let It!' Go

Photo Credit: Jess Brohier

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Allysha Joy is a singer, musician and poet whose sound is a mix of jazz, hip-hop and soul music. She is known for her potent, poetic lyrics and distinctive, raspy voice, all of which were on display on her debut album Acadie: Raw in 2018 and her 2020 EP Light It Again. Allysha is now ready to release her sophomore album Torn: Tonic led by the single "Let It!"

"Let It!" delivers some heavy jazz vibes combined with an uptempo groove. Allysha’s vocals will bring to mind another Australian soul sensation, Nai Palm of Hiatus Kaiyote. Similar to HK, Joy blends jazz, funk and electro-soul here with impressive results. She flexes her skills on the Fender Rhodes backed by rapid-fire drums, tight saxophone and a thumping bassline that combine to make this song a joy to listen to indeed. 

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In Allysha’s own words, "‘Let It!' is about allowing myself to let go of all that continues to silence & overpower me. It's about the incredible gift of turning pain into poetry and the art of overcoming." The lyrics are deep and self-reflecting, but the music makes us want to head straight to the dance floor to dance our cares away. 

Allysha Joy's Torn: Tonic will be released on May 13th. In addition to singing, playing and writing on the project, she also took on the role of producer for the first time on this album as well. Consider us impressed and pressed to get this album into our hands.

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While we impatiently wait for Allysha Joy's Torn: Tonic to drop, get into the groove of "Let It!" below and add this jam to your music collection from your digital music provider of choice now.    

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