A. Billi Free & The Lasso Find Peace & Tranquility In 'Riding The Beam' 

Photo Credit: Mello Music Group/YouTube

For her latest project, vocalist A. Billi Free teamed up with Detroit producer and musician The Lasso on the album Holy Body Roll. The collaborative album is a proverbial melting pot, with ingredients of funk, jazz, techno, house and hip-hop. The latest single from the collection, "Riding The Beam," has Free dispensing the sage-like advice that if we are open to receive, we will have everything we need. The song is on the mellow side and highlights A. Billi’s comforting vocals supported by the jazzy vibes of saxophone, upright bass, Fender Rhodes and piano playing prominent roles in this eclectic mix. 

The Laura Bustillos Jáquez-directed music video for "Riding The Beam" takes us on location to the beautiful Samalayuca Dunes in Chihuahua, Mexico and the City of Rocks in New Mexico. The location is as aesthetically pleasing as the song is soothing.

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As the sax plays, we see an image of a quiet stream blend into a raging fire before the scene switches to framed photos of A. Billi’s family placed on a green and white quilt with candles burning. This signifies that her family and ancestors are always with her. Just as a beautiful mountain range appears on screen, A. Billi is seen kneeling with her eyes closed and meditating, receiving instruction from the universe. 

We witness her riding a horse and walking through the desert as she prepares herself to receive the guidance that she needs. As she continues her journey, she confidently declares, “We act soundly, from this space / We love surely, full embrace / We stride firmly, keeping pace / We running purely, off of grace.”

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A. Billi Free and The Lasso's "Riding The Beam" visual conveys a sense of peace and tranquility, which perfectly complements the song. Watch the video below, and to hear more of the pair's work together, be sure to give their album Holy Body Roll a spin. 

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