The Suffers Remind Us There Is Much Work To Do In ‘How Do We Heal’

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Diverse soul, funk, reggae and R&B band The Suffers recently returned to the scene with their latest single entitled “How Do We Heal” and its accompanying lyric visual. Featuring contributions from Son Little and Bryce The Third, the audio and video are a must for anyone who appreciates – as The Mighty O’Jays would say – a message in the music. 

The Suffers’ talented lead singer Kam Franklin commands your attention on “How Do We Heal.” Although her voice is at the forefront in this song, she has plenty of help from the band and tight harmonies with Son Little throughout. The group certainly knows that incorporating a can’t miss backbeat helps when delivering a strong lyrical message, and in “How Do We Heal” they definitely oblige. The funky drum beat comes courtesy of a sample from the legendary Al Green’s 1972 masterpiece “I’m Glad You’re Mine.”  

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The “How Do We Heal?” lyric video focuses on Juneteenth. For those that may not know about its origin, not to worry, this clip gives you a crash course in the first 30 seconds. Since the events that led to the creation of Juneteeth happened in the city of Galveston, Texas, most of the video footage was shot between there and The Suffers’ home base of Houston. The song and video are dedicated to everyone who is still dealing with the effects of slavery and racism, which is just about everyone, more than 150 years later. 

The Suffers know that the effects of slavery and racism didn’t end after the slaves were freed, so they emphasize the connection between more recent events, including the unjust murders of our people, as illustrated by their powerful lyrics. “Alton, Philandro, Trayvon, Tamir / We love you, we miss you, we wish you were here / Charleena, Sandra, Breonna, Korryn / We’ll say your names til we get to see you again,” Franklin sings. “I can’t feel safe in my own home / Can’t put no hoodie on when it gets cold / A new threat every day, no big wow / I don’t know how I’m supposed to feel now.”

“How Do We Heal” concludes with a compelling monologue from Bryce The Third where he admits that although he doesn’t have the answer to how we collectively heal, he knows it starts with us and shares a call to action. Although released during Black History Month, The Suffers’ “How Do We Heal” is both timely and timeless. Listen to the song and watch the lyric video below.   

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