Tanika Charles Is Waking Up In Love With A 'Different Morning'

Photo Credit: Record Kicks/YouTube

Tanika Charles is back on the block. We haven't heard from the Canadian songstress since she released her 2019 album The Gumption (which featured her single "Since You've Been Gone"). But Tanika has been in the studio making magic and will officially return with her album Papillon De Nuit: Night Butterfly. Before it arrives, though, she's giving us a preview with the single "Different Morning."

"Different Morning" is a breezy track all about Tanika's desire to get away and spend time in love. "I wanna wake up / Not know where / What came before / I want a reset / So that we can take it slow," she sings on the chorus. "Don't wanna hide away / Just find a way to make it work / I want a kinder way / Let's find a getaway."

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Those lyrics are found over a smooth backdrop of keys, bass and shuffling drums made to cut a rug to. Those sounds are sweetened even further with the addition of horns that hum in the background and blossom on the chorus. A rap from rhymer DijahSB rounds things out as the rapper kicks a hot 16 that flirts and flows nicely with the rhythms of the track and takes us to the close.

Tanika also offers a video that allows the singer to show off sheer, classy looks while moving and grooving among plant life as she casts come hither looks to the camera. Though there's nothing elaborate featured in its setup, the singer manages to make it just as mesmerizing as she is.

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Tanika Charles has another jam with this one, and we feel like the rest of Papillon De Nuit will follow suit. Catch a stream of "Different Morning" and its video right here and then head to Bandcamp to preorder her upcoming album before its April 8th release date.

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