Summer Walker, SZA & Cardi B Extend 'No Love' By Popular Demand

Photo Credit: LVRN/Interscope

Summer Walker and her album Still Over It has held lovers of modern R&B in its clutches since its release, with many relating to its themes of heartache and heartbreak. If there's one song on the set that's been getting a lot of love, though, it's Summer's collaboration with SZA "No Love." Now that song is getting the single treatment as an extended version that features rapper Cardi B.

Cardi starts the song off this go 'round, surprising us by mixing in some vocals among her rhymes as she airs out her grievances with her man and his untrue ways. "I've been loyal, no questions / Boy, I've been ten toes down / Had communications with n***as / That wanna be around," she rhymes. "So I found it crazy / How b***hes is in my mentions now / Nothing that you're saying add up to me."

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Summer and SZA's verses don't change on this new version, with each woman getting into the particular hows and whys their relationships with their men have soured. Where the two do converge is that the fellas no longer deserve their love, instead suggesting other recreational activities they're willing to do without their hearts being involved.

Rather than dwell on no-good men in the video, the clip for the extended version focuses on the three ladies and their ethereal beauty. The clip opens with Summer and Cardi sitting on a bed among the clouds and takes us to other scenes with SZA and Summer giving us looks and seductive moves throughout. The standout moments include Summer and SZA showing off their pole skills in tandem and a very cool shot that shows the two dancing on opposite sides of a screen split along the horizontal axis.

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We have a feeling that this new version of "No Love" will be getting all the love from the fans. Check out Summer Walker, SZA and Cardi B doing their thing when you listen to the audio stream and check out the video below.

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