SoulBounce Exclusive: Get Into Our Groove With The Official 'SoulBounce Selects' Playlist

Photo Credit: Lucky Daye/Twitter | Image Credit: SoulBounce

The SoulBounce Selects playlist is back, new and improved!

If you've been following along, back in January 2020, we started a series of monthly SoulBounce Selects playlists highlighting all the dope songs that we covered and were feeling that dropped in any given month. Or at least that was the plan. Unfortunately, we didn't get past February 2020 after the global COVID-19 pandemic hit everyone like a ton of bricks that March. Curating monthly playlists just fell by the wayside.

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With life semi-back to normal now and our dope new website going live last month, however, bringing SoulBounce Selects back was high on the to-do list. After soft-launching the playlist a few weeks ago (shout out to everyone who started following it before this announcement), we're finally ready to unveil our official SoulBounce Selects playlist to the masses. On SoulBounce Selects you'll find much of the music that we dig and cover on SoulBounce in one place for your listening pleasure.

We're keeping it soulful on SoulBounce Selects and simple with one central playlist instead of a monthly series. Don't get it twisted, though, this playlist will be updated frequently with new music from your and our faves. To herald the relaunch of SoulBounce Selects, Lucky Daye is our cover star and spotlight artist with choice cuts from his new album Candydrip and a few other jams where he's featured sprinkled throughout.

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SoulBounce Selects is currently available on Spotify and will be coming to Apple Music soon. Tap into SoulBounce Selects to always have easy access to all these jams. Listen to the playlist below, or you can always find the player in the left column on the homepage or in the right column content throughout the website.

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