Sidibe Wants You To Give In On 'Help Yourself'

Photo Credit: Sidibe/Instagram

Sidibe is romance and seduction personified. The singer-songwriter has had us caught in her quiet storm for quite some time and we're always happy when she has new music. So we're absolutely ecstatic that she's dropped her third single of 2022 with "Help Yourself."

Like previous singles "Diamond In The Desert" and "Go On Ahead," Sidibe channels the feeling of being breathlessly in love. This effect is achieved with a combination of acoustic guitar, synths and programmed drums that creates a lulling effect. Once she has enamored with the song's sound, she reels us in with the lyrics.

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She sings of a love that feels so good that it can't be wrong. And even it is, she doesn't want to be right. "I don't think that / You can help yourself / I want you for me / and no one else," she coos seemingly for both her lover and herself. "If I get my way / I wouldn't help myself now / Don't you hesitate now / All of me is saying yes." The song's seductive feel is slightly reminiscent of Love Deluxe-era Sade and gives us the same feeling songs from that album did.

The last few times that Sidibe gave us this number of songs in succession, the announcement of a new EP wasn't far behind. She hasn't hinted that will happen this go 'round, but we can't help but hope our prediction is correct. Until she confirms that's the case, fall in love again when you listen to "Help Yourself" and watch its lyric video below.

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