Pip Millett Is Ready To Keep It Moving In ‘Ride With Me’

Photo Credit: Pip Millett/YouTube

Since Pip Millett introduced us to her musical stylings in 2018, the UK singer, songwriter and musician has certainly proven that she keeps it 100 and is not afraid to write about challenging topics like relationships and mental health. Her latest single “Ride With Me” is no exception as Pip lets her man know in no uncertain terms that she requires a legit, heartfelt apology for the relationship to have a chance to continue.

On “Ride With Me,” we can only assume that she has decided her partner is not capable of that with lyrics like, “You gotta let me know that you’re sorry / Tryna brush it off don’t do it for me / You gotta let me know that you’re sorry / For everything, if everything was your fault.” To show she really means it, Pip sings this several times during the chorus. 

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“Ride With Me” starts off with jazzy, mellow bassline and a spacey keyboard riff before the hypnotic drum beat starts just as Pip begins the first verse. Once the pre-chorus hits, the soft bassline takes a backseat to a more dynamic one, representing the change in attitude. At the tail end of the chorus, we hear Pip’s melodic, harmonized vocals issuing the final verdict: “Held up, holding it against ya / Couldn’t even put the sentence together / Take a back seat, you don’t get to ride with me.”

The video for “Ride With Me” is directed by KC Locke and produced by Lewis Nicholson, a duo that has worked together on most of Pip’s videos to date. The clip starts with black and white visuals as a woman (perhaps Pip’s alter ego) and her boyfriend are arguing while he tries to stop her from leaving the house. The woman puts her bags in the car and gets in, only for her man to jump in the passenger seat to continue pleading his case. At the same time, Pip begins singing the first verse while leaning on the hood of the same car.

Once the chorus starts, the video changes to full color as Pip gets in the car by herself and begins to drive. Eventually, the car levitates and takes flight over the city, perhaps signifying her newfound freedom. As the next verse begins, we see things revert to black and white and it becomes evident by her blank stare that the woman has made the decision to move on from this broken relationship. Pip expresses the woman’s mindset as she sings, “Greatness turns into pain / In the best of a moment, it’s broken again / Another beginning / Sounding much better than soothing this tormented hope.” One could interpret that the video uses the transition from black and white to color cinematography to illustrate the woman taking back her power by deciding to move on from the relationship.

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Pip Millett’s “Ride With Me” is well done musically with its ebbs and flows and true-to-life lyrics. Without a doubt, this record will resonate with many who are facing similar challenges and looking for a way to break out of the vicious cycle.

Take Pip Millett’s latest for a spin when you press play on the audio and video below.

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