Otis Kane Lets Us In On His Desires With 'Wanna Love You'

Photo Credit: Otis Kane/YouTube

Otis Kane is persistent in his quest to make sure you won't forget his name. The singer-songwriter's talent is more than enough to ensure that notion, of course. But if that doesn't do it for you, the fact that he's consistently dropped multiple singles, EPs and albums since 2019 (including last November's November Love Notes) means that he's going to get on your playlist one way or another. He proves that he deserves that spot with his latest cut "Wanna Love You."

"Wanna Love You" begins with hazy rhythm guitar and dreamy chords creating a comfy sound bed to lure the listener in. Once he's got you, he keeps you with romantic lyrics aimed to get you feeling warm and tingly inside.

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"Can you be my sunshine? / Can you be my earth? / 'Cause there's no sunrise / Without you girl," he sings to his lady love. "Is there something special? / There must be / Is it something special with you and me?" He then professes his intentions on the chorus, repeating "I just wanna love you" as the music swells to include synth horns weaving through the mix.

The song's visual picks up on the romantic vibe by framing Otis in front of a multicolored stained-glass window. With the performance consisting of just him and a mic, it makes it feel as if he's just crooning for the viewer. Meanwhile, a mix of crystal-clear images, hazy, out-of-focus shots and grainy video give things an artistic appearance that mages the track's overall vibes.

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If the past years are any indication, expect much, much more from Otis Kane as 2022 continues to roll on. Listen to "Wanna Love You" right here and check out the visual below.

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