Mary J. Blige Welcomes H.E.R. Onto The 'Good Morning Gorgeous' Remix

Photo Credit: Mary J. Blige/Twitter | H.E.R./Twitter

Mary J. Blige is no stranger to a remix. Early in her reign, the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul released a whole remix album when she dropped the What's The 411? Remix collection in 1993 to complement her banging debut album What's The 411?, which was released in 1992. Thirty years later, Queen Mary is still pumping out bangers and remixes. Look no further than her newest album, Good Morning Gorgeous, and the newly released remix to its title cut featuring H.E.R.

It was a no-brainer and genius move to add the Academy Award-winning R&B darling to the remix of "Good Morning Gorgeous." After all, H.E.R. co-produced the track with D'Mile whom she also co-wrote the song with alongside Blige, Lucky Daye and Tiara Thomas. The combination was already a winning hand, and Mary laid all her cards on the table and bared her soul on the inspirational single, which has resonated with her fans.

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For the "Good Morning Gorgeous - Remix," Mary and H.E.R. decide that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. The song's instrumentation, tempo and lyrics all remain the same, and the singers simply take turns singing said lyrics, thereby making the song into an empowering duet. Their voices play so well together and the transitions between them are so seamless that you'd never know this song wasn't meant to be a duet in the first place.

This might just be the most understated remix we've ever heard from Mary J. Blige, but sometimes less is indeed more. Mary and H.E.R. did exactly what they needed to do. Listen to "Good Morning Gorgeous - Remix" below to hear exactly what we mean.

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