MALIA Faces Unrequited Love In 'Only One' & Releases 'What's After 'I Love You?'' EP

Photo Credit: MALIA/YouTube

Once upon a time in 2014 we named MALIA as a member of our Bounce-Worthy collective. Since then, the singer has proven us right time and time again. Most recently, she gave us her lovely 2021 album Unpolished. Not one to rest on her laurels, MALIA has returned with her new EP What's After 'I Love You?' and a visual for the set's single "Only One."

"Only One" is a thoughtful song that deals with the feeling of unrequited love. The songstress artfully voices the confusion and doubt it can cause, singing, "Guess I love way too hard / Did I make this up? / Am I the one? / The only one in love?"

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In the visual, she captures the solitude the song evokes while walking alone through an estate. She's all dressed up in a beautiful black gown but with no one to notice or appreciate how gorgeous she looks. The camera makes sure to offer many close-ups of the singer as we watch the uncertainty dawn on her face and she ponders if the love affair she experienced was simply one-sided.

"Only One" is one of eight tracks found on What's After 'I Love You?', a concept piece that deals with the pain, beauty and vulnerability that can come after a breakup. Its honest and emotional look into this particular side of love is worth a few spins, as "Only One" demonstrates. Watch the clip and stream the EP in full below.

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MALIA What's After 'I Love You?' [Amazon][Apple Music][TIDAL]

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