Maeta Isn't Quite Ready For Love On 'Frank For You'

Photo Credit: Maeta/Instagram

Maeta had a banner 2021 thanks to the release of her debut EP Habits. And like most habits, the singer-songwriter has been hard to shake ever since we first heard her unique spin on modern R&B. When she dropped her video for the set's title track last month, we thought that maybe Maeta would take a short break to regroup. Instead, she shows no signs of slowing with the release of her new single "Frank For You."

Producer Monroe provides the musical backdrop for the occasion, giving a melancholy, guitar-driven sound to the tune that sets the scene for what's to come. It's a fitting vehicle for Maeta's songwriting skill as she approaches romance from a different angle than falling in love. Unlike India.Arie, she isn't quite ready for the feeling and decides to be completely honest about it before things get out of hand.

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"You want someone, and I'm someone / But it's much too soon / Too soon," she sings (probably much to the disappointment of her potential beau). "You know what's up, this ain't true love / But you'll get through to somebody." Her direct approach might seem a bit blunt, but the goal is to avoid needless heartbreak for the both of them. In that respect, it's probably the kindest thing she could do.

"Frank For You" offers more of the earnestness and vulnerability that we're coming to expect from Maeta. Speaking of expectations, we can't help but wonder if this new single means the singer is brewing up another project for the near future. Only time will tell. Until we know more, listen to "Frank For You" right here and watch the track's lyric video below.

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