Lucky Daye Tries His Luck On ELLE's 'Song Association'

Photo Credit: ELLE/YouTube

Lucky Daye has satisfied our craving for sweet soul and R&B music on his latest album Candrydrip. The project has had us in a chokehold since its release on Friday and likely won't leave heavy rotation anytime soon – especially with Lucky on the promo trail. Most recently, the singer-songwriter pulled up on ELLE to play a good old game of "Song Association."

After taking us into artists' homes during the pandemic for "Song Association" sessions, ELLE opened its studio back up and welcomed Lucky Daye to have a seat on the set. He made himself at home and gave a quick rundown of the rules of the game before starting. He did predict that he'd do well after all was sung and done with the caveat that when given random words to sing that he'd want to write brand new songs.

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Lucky started off strong, digging in his mental crates to pull out classics by Earth Wind & Fire, Bill Withers and Luther Vandross for the first three words he was given. He got an easy layup with the word "drip," naturally singing his own jam "Candy Drip." His vocals were pristine as he sang a brief snippet then gave some backstory about the track.

His hot streak continued with the words "fan" and "blame," which led him to sing cuts by Ginuwine and Jamie Foxx. Unfortunately, he got tripped up by the word "spend" although he volunteered to sing something new on the spot. That didn't work for him, but he quickly bounced back and got another hookup with the word "over." Daye broke us off with his Musiq Soulchild-sampling single of the same name and shared that he'd love to get in the studio with Stevie Wonder, Smokey Robinson and/or Young Thug.

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After flexing his vocals the majority of the time, Lucky even spit a few bars of tracks by Eminem and The Notorious B.I.G. to show his versatility. Meanwhile, ELLE showed their sense of humor by supplying him with the words "lucky" and "day." Lucky Daye ended his time on "Song Association" on a high note, singing another of his songs when given the word "call."

Although he didn't get a perfect score on "Song Association," Lucky Daye impressed nonetheless. For more of his honey-coated vocals, don't miss his Candydrip Tour with opening act Joyce Wrice kicking off this week in Portland, Oregon.

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