Lo Boii Returns To Let Things Go With 'I Forgive You'

Photo Credit: Lo Boii/Facebook

The last time we checked in with progressive R&B duo Lo Boii was when they dropped their debut Sex Doesn't Sell Anymore in the summer of 2019. The group — consisting of industry vets Corey Latif and Aaron "Aalias" Kleinstub — has kept a low profile ever since. They've quietly released a few singles over the past three years, but it seems they're making a bigger push in 2022 with the drop of their latest, "I Forgive You."

"I Forgive You" isn't exactly what you'd expect, as the song isn't about accepting a guilty lover back with open arms. In fact, it's more about drawing a healthy boundary for oneself. Corey tells of a past love that hurt him over the long run and is still affecting him today, singing, "Left me scarred / I lived with it / At least I tried / I swear I did / It got me but so far / Tried to date and love again / But every time it came to this / The problem was my heart."

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He eventually comes to the conclusion that letting it all go is the only way to move on. "So I forgive you / So I can free me," he sings. "It's the hardest thing I've had to do / But it's for me it's not for you."

Aalias provides the heartfelt lyrics with an equally heartfelt musical backdrop. Light touches of guitar and gentle, rolling drums combine with synths, horns and even a little organ to create a sound to match the emotions evoked by the lyrics while still leaving space for the song to breathe and its message to be taken in.

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We're happy to have Lo Boii back on our radar and look forward to what else they have in store for us this year. Listen to "I Forgive You" when you press play.

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