Kehlani Teams With Justin Bieber For A Jam To Keep Us 'up at night'

Photo Credit: Kehlani/Instagram

Kehlani is readying their upcoming album Blue Water Road for release at the end of April. So far, the artists' released singles — "Altar" and "little story" — have been on the mellower end of the spectrum. Kehlani is changing that up with the release of their latest release, the Justin Bieber-featuring "up at night."

For the track, the singer-songwriter leans hard into the '90s R&B and hip-hop aesthetic thanks to producers Pop Wansel and Rogét Chahayed. The two incorporate a familiar breakbeat along with the oft-used sampled guitar lick from B.T. Express' "If It Don't Turn You On (You Oughta Leave It Alone)." The elements make this one a jam from nearly the beginning.

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Lyrically, Kehlani is hopelessly in love, with the thought of their lover being enough to cause insomnia. "And what could I say? I knew that it would go this way / Or could you blame it on fate? I couldn't let it just escape / Now at the end of our days, I'll run back thoughts of you / Thoughts of you keep me up all night," Kehlani sings.

Justin offers his love on his verse, making sure that his commitment is known. "You'rе the light of my life, you're my mеanin' / Girl, you got what I want, what I needed," he sings. "And even when the sun don't shine / I'll be right by your side, holdin' you tight."

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Though Kehlani could've held their own here without Justin's contribution, we're sure his presence will get a lot more ears on this one (and maybe even elevate this to a song of the summer contender). With or without him, though, "up at night" most definitely has hit potential.

Check out "up at night" when you press play and look for Kehlani's Blue Water Road to drop on April 29th.

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