Jordan Rakei Reveals His ‘Bruises’ On New EP

Photo Credit: Jordan Rakei/Spotify

While we were still fully immersed in the vibe that was his 2021 album What We Call Life, Jordan Rakei snuck out a brand-new EP. Bruises is a four-track project that gives his adoring fanbase more of what we’ve come to love him for.

JRakz kicks things off with “Defection,” a driving tune co-written alongside Oil Rockberger. Described as, “a narrative of finding love and recognizing its power in dissolving any other types of issues,” his signature tone soars above the propulsive percussion, brilliant bassline and stirring keys. He is both defiant and determined as he declares, “I hoping to leave this for a brighter start / But now with you as my witness, let’s set off to the stars / Hope that we find that special place within our hearts.”   

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Next up, the title track takes us back to Jordan’s musical beginnings, as it could easily find its place among any of his earlier projects. With its warmth and reggae feel, his admiration for the legendary Bob Marley is channeled here as well, as he sings of the pain of love gone wrong. 

“Lighting” revisits the electronic experimentation that was ever-present throughout his last album. Written by Georgia Potter, one of nature’s greatest wonders is likened to the necessity of seizing the moment in love, noting that things can change in an instant.

The project closes with a rework of “The Flood” recorded live at the BBC’s Maida Vale studio. One of the standout tracks from What We Call Life, Jordan slows things down, plays up the moody guitar and somehow makes the tune even darker. He explains, “I wanted to strip everything back and make this one about the tension and release, rather than overplaying/production.”

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Overall, the 18-minute offering is more of Jordan doing what he does best, further proving that he simply does not miss. Get into Jordan Rakei’s new EP Bruises below and be sure to add the project to your collection from your preferred digital platform.

Jordan Rakei Bruises [Amazon][Apple Music][Tidal]

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