FKA twigs Serves Up Smooth Moves With 'darjeeling'

Photo Credit: FKA twigs/Instagram

FKA twigs is perhaps more known now for her music, but it was her unique dance skills that got her some of her earliest recognition. Every so often, the talented Brit reminds us of this fact in her music videos and she does just that in the short-but-sweet clip for CAPRISONGS track "darjeeling."

She opts to use only the first third of the song in the clip, omitting the features from Jorja Smith and Unknown T, but makes very good use of the time. She plays a waitress slinging pints at a moderately busy pub, a seemingly mundane setting. She and her co-worker soon slide from behind the bar, though, as a spotlight finds them out of nowhere just in time to catch a performance.

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The two then engage in a dance that is mesmerizing to watch. Their hands move in sync as they perform intricate movements quickly and with what seems to be minimum effort while the bar patrons go about their business as if nothing out of the ordinary is going on. The burst of movement is nothing short of impressive and makes us wish that we could see more of it. Instead, the two stop just as suddenly as they started, folding back into reality and getting back to the business at hand.

Leave it to FKA twigs to leave us wanting more in the best way possible. Check her out when you press play.

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