Ezel Hits Us With A Remix To Make Us 'Fall In Love' With Amerie All Over Again

Photo Credit: Ezel/Bandcamp

We're a few months away from the first day of summer and two decades removed from when a then-budding young star named Amerie captivated us with her debut single "Why Don't We Fall In Love." However, producer and remixer Ezel wants to get us sweating like it's Summer 2002 with his hot new remix of the R&B classic.

As he is wont to do, Ezel puts a soulful house spin on the track. First, he strips away the jazzy horns and hip-hop breakbeat that made the song first sparkle in our ears. Don't worry, though, as he replaces those elements with a thumping four-on-the-floor rhythm and liquid synths while reimagining the song as a dance floor burner.

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The change-up frames Amerie's brassy vocal nicely, allowing it to cut through when on the verses and utilizing as a musical element in the mix throughout. And just when you think the fun might be over, he extends the track with a synth solo that feels like summer heat and is sure to leave you sweating on the dance floor like it's a mid-July afternoon (and we mean that in the best possible way).

Ezel was kind enough to provide us with not just his remix, but also an instrumental and a version he's christened "Ezel's Dubby Dub" that goes even deeper into the groove. You can pick up the entire remix suite over on Bandcamp and stream the each remix right here when you press play.

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