Erica Campbell Is ‘Positive’ That God Is In Control

Photo Credit: Erica Campbell/Spotify

The last time we saw Erica Campbell, she was performing alongside her sister Tina Campbell as Mary Mary at Super Bowl LVI with a masterclass on how to sing “Lift Every Voice And Sing.” We were hoping that performance meant that a Mary Mary reunion was ahead, but we’re getting the next best thing: a new single from Erica! The GRAMMY Award-winner and syndicated radio show host blesses saints and ain’t’s with the uplifting track “Positive,” which is a certified mood enhancer.

Written by Erica, her husband Warryn Campbell II (who also produced the song) and Juan Winans, “Positive” is the lead single from her third studio album due out on September 23rd. The song, with its catchy mid-tempo beat and chant-like affirmations, is Campbell’s way of reclaiming the word positive from its Covid-era connotation of death and despair. “I just wanted to take that word back and give it the power it deserves,” Campbell said in a press release. “Being positive, thinking positive, knowing that God is sovereign and in control.”

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The song’s chorus says it all. “Feeling sure, feeling clear, feeling positive / Feeling free and complete from the love You give / No You won’t ever leave me I’m positive, positive,” Erica confidently and soulfully sings.

“Positive” was released with an accompanying visual that enhances the song’s overall message. The music video opens in the middle of a lover’s quarrel. As the irate boyfriend speeds off, he passes a stranded Campbell standing on the side of the road with flames and black smoke billowing from underneath the hood of her pickup. She throws up her hands as she looks heaven-ward and starts the long walk down a desolate desert road toward a restaurant in the distance. Undaunted by her circumstances, she confidently struts and praises God as the desert blossoms into a colorful, flower-filled oasis with every step she takes.

At the diner’s door, she is greeted by fights, arguments and quizzical looks. She knows immediately what the place needs and heads to the jukebox, presses play on her new single and fills the space with “Positive.” The atmosphere shifts quickly to one of joy, healing and peace in the diner, which now gives more concert venue than restaurant. Erica appears in a vibrant, sunshine yellow jumpsuit, singing to the audience, “Only focus on the good, let Him handle the rest / I tried to fix my bad, I kept making a mess / So I made up in my mind smile more and stress less / Gave it all to God, and He gave me a blessing.” Flowers fill the air and bloom inside as Campbell’s infectious positivity spreads. 

As her acclamations reach fever pitch, the camera pans to the gospel superstar looking sleek in all black standing in front of the diner boldly proclaiming that she is not going to fail because God is in control. The video cuts back to the inside where happy couples are dancing and customers are singing along as she looks into the camera and assures fans that she’s positive God’s got this. 

After one listen, you’ll be a believer. Take a mental health break from everything that’s going on in the world when you press play. Watch the feel-good video for “Positive,” and take Campbell’s advice to “smile more and stress less.”

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