Conor Albert & Max Pope Unite To Cultivate A 'Sunflower'

Photo Credit: Ninja Tune | Max Pope/Facebook

The onset of the pandemic prompted many artists to seek new and innovative ways to create. With the global lockdown preventing in-person collaboration, many made the best of a trying situation and worked together via virtual platforms. As it would turn out, artists soon realized that these platforms are not only a great way to connect with each other but with their fans as well. 

Songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Conor Albert found this to be true when he began livestreaming his production process via Twitch. His latest single “Sunflower” is the result of a one-hour livestream session with singer-songwriter Max Pope. The lively tune captures the care and attention that must be paid to a delicate, budding relationship. Max’s vocals glide effortlessly over the guitar-driven groove as he sings, “Don't leave me waiting / When the seasons change, I lose you overnight / And when it all falls away, Sunflower / And when the night turns to day, Sunflower / I'm losing hours and hours, Sunflower.”

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Though the majority of the song was created during that initial livestream, slightly more time was needed to add the finishing touches. Conor explains, “Because the song was made under a time pressure, everything was completely spur of the moment and instinctive, which is often the best way to write music in my experience! After that initial Twitch stream, we had one more session on it to tweak a few little things.” Max adds, “It was so great working with Conor - the dude plays so many instruments, so I was really able to focus on singing and putting melodies together. It all came together really naturally and in such a short space of time.”

"Sunflower" is the latest listen from Conor Albert's upcoming “mini-album” Collage 2, which is set to drop on April 29th via Young Poet and Ninja Tune. Listen to "Sunflower" below and bless your music collection with the track from your preferred digital platform.

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