Col3trane & Erick The Architect Weigh The Positives & Negatives In 'Plus Minus'

Photo Credit: MTV UK | Kanya Iwana

Falling in love is somewhat of a crapshoot. While luck may be on the side of some, others are never quite the same after taking a chance on what they thought was a sure thing. One often proceeds with caution should they ever decide to take the leap again. Singer-songwriter Col3trane captures this sentiment on his latest single “Plus Minus.”

The J Moon-produced track features Erick the Architect and takes us through the mental acrobatics of weighing the pros and cons of a romantic pursuit. It seems Col3trane has one foot out the door as he contemplates the aftermath of his exit. "But if I leave you now, you'll be mad forever / But I don't know, yeah, I don't know," he admits at one point. Meanwhile, Erick ponders whether it's better to go back to his loner life rather than deal with the uncertainty of his current entanglement with a rapid-fire delivery.

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"The song 'Plus Minus' (Whole Lotta Positives Whole Lotta Negatives), addresses the ups and downs of relationships, and the inner struggle that comes with it," Col3trane said of the track vis press release. "It was all recorded in the room on a cold night in London, and I think the song really mirrors that energy.  

This latest release follows "Bag," Col3trane's collaboration with Lucky Daye, and continues the build-up for his forthcoming album Lush Life. While he hasn’t shared too many details, we do know that the album is “done + delivered” and is set to drop sometime this spring. Further, he’s already set the tone for a project where we see him at his most vulnerable. He recently shared on Instagram, “I always felt like songwriting validated the way that I feel, because if I can write a song that anyone likes which comes from a real dark place, then even the worst feelings can bring some good into the world.”

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We'll hear the great art comes from Col3trane's great pain soon enough. For right now, listen to his romantic conundrum on “Plus Minus” below, then add the track to your music collection from your preferred digital platform

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