Charlie Wilson, Babyface, K-Ci Hailey & Johnny Gill Are Going Strong On 'No Stoppin' Us'

Photo Credit: Charlie Wilson/Spotify

Charlie Wilson is currently wowing audiences on The Culture Tour alongside New Edition and Jodeci. In addition to sharing stages with those groups, Wilson is sharing space with two members of those groups and another R&B legend on his new single "No Stoppin' Us."

Uncle Charlie invited Babyface, Jodeci's K-Ci Hailey and New Edition's Johnny Gill to join him for his first release of the new year. No stranger to collaborating with other artists, the former The Gap Band frontman holds court on "No Stoppin' Us" as each singer takes turns serenading their ladies.

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The fellas are full of sincere compliments, and there's no shame in their game while they proudly sing the loving lyrics. Wilson begins the sweet talk on the first verse, singing, "You looking good, mamacita / I been in love since I seent'cha / And on a scale from one to ten / You're a number that the world can't comprehend." If those lyrics didn't melt his woman's heart, then Johnny, Babyface and K-Ci follow to seal the deal.

"No Stoppin' Us" starts off slow, but the tempo increases by the chorus, making it suitable for both slow dancing and two-stepping. The song features an interpolation of McFadden & Whitehead's 1979 anthem "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now." Much like that track's optimistic outlook on life, Uncle Charlie and company are feeling good about their love.

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There's no stopping this bop from Charlie Wilson, Babyface, K-Ci Hailey and Johnny Gill. "No Stoppin' Us" is a grown man R&B posse cut that can fit onto a playlist for your boo or the family cookout. Press play below to listen to the single and see the pretty lights flash in its visualizer.

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