Beyoncé Wows The Oscars With First-Ever Performance Of 'Be Alive'

Photo Credit: Beyoncé/YouTube

There are many moments to be talked about from this year's Academy Awards ceremony. And while, yes, everyone will be talking about that one for quite some time, we can't forget all the history made and the big performances. That includes Beyoncé, who had the pleasure of opening the show with a dynamic performance of her Oscar-nominated track "Be Alive."

The song, taken from the film King Richard, is a statement on the beauty of Blackness and the pride she has in all that entails. To further that statement, Bey took the audience to the city of Compton — hometown of the Williams sisters — with a host of Black dancers and musicians (and her daughter Blue Ivy) all clad in tennis ball green as they swayed to the strings and rhythm of the song.

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Beyoncé stood at the center of them all, proud and defiant as she sang the song's lyrics with a grace and defiance that she's become known for throughout the years. It was magnificent to see and might've been the talk of the night had other things not transpired.

Even if Beyoncé didn't take home the gold for the song, this performance was definitely a win in our books. Watch her do what she does best when you press play.

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