Allen Stone, Swatkins & Eric Krasno Have Some Things To Teach Us On 'More To Learn'

Photo Credit: Allen Stone/Spotify

Allen Stone has already demonstrated his knack for taking older gems and making them shine like diamonds. He spent the majority of last year covering classics and revamping his previous jams as part of his acoustic album APART. This time, our favorite blue-eyed soul star teams up with keyboardist Swatkins and two-time GRAMMY Award-winning guitarist Eric Krasno to put the finishing touches on the song "More To Learn," a track that has been literally years in the making.

Set to appear on Swatkins' forthcoming album, “More To Learn” reminds us that our differences can actually complement each other if we embrace them. "We got our demons and we've got our dreams / It's so much better when we're on the same team," Stone soulfully croons on the first verse, letting listeners know that they're not alone and encouraging everyone to work together.

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The John Robinson-animated video is the perfect accompaniment to the vibrant tune. Allen is seen strolling against a variety of colorful and trippy backdrops filled with mushrooms, cacti, clouds and other random items. Stone gets his daily steps in and plays on his guitar while some of the lyrics also appear on the screen to help us sing-along to the uplifting tune.

Via social media and in Stone’s signature brand of storytelling, he recounts the track’s booze-fueled origin. Though proper portions of tequila and beer may help some to get the creative juices flowing, the trio was unable to close the loop at the time. Fast forward to now, Swatkins revisits the original track and works his magic. He reveals, “Even in rough form, we thought we had an undeniable hit song! It languished on a hard drive for several years. We ended up rewriting it with Jans Ingber and recorded it piecemeal throughout the pandemic in Portland, Spokane and Los Angeles.”

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Listen to Allen Stone, Swatkins and Eric Krasno share some wisdom on “More To Learn” below and check out the spacy video while you're at it.

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