Alex Vaughn Comes To Her Senses On 'Mirage'

Photo Credit: Alex Vaughn/YouTube

Alex Vaughn is a talented singer, songwriter, producer and pianist from Prince George’s County, MD who is making music moves. After grinding for years and releasing several singles independently, in October 2021 she signed a record deal with LVRN/Interscope Records, where she joins label mates Summer Walker and 6LACK.

Vaughn’s first project for LVRN/Interscope is the single “Mirage,” where she metaphorically equates her up and down relationship to a mirage. Unfortunately, she's been seeing her man for who she wants him to be and not for who he really is. After experiencing the euphoric highs and painful lows one too many times, she realizes she must move on to save her sanity. 

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Musically, the song rides on a bass synthesizer and keyboards, complemented by subtle trap drums keeping the beat in the background. Make no mistake though, the stars of this song are Alex’s pure, versatile voice and lyrics that are straight fire. At one point she laments, “Or is it all inside my head / And my eyes are tricking / Making me see what was never there / I don’t care, you're / Damn near perfect / Beautiful you are, yeah / Or is it just a mirage?”

The visual for “Mirage” is cleverly done. It portrays Alex performing at a small, intimate venue. She is prepared to perform a specific song, but as she surveys the audience, she is surprised to see her dude sitting in the front row. It is assumed that they just had some drama prior to her performance, as she switches up and decides to sing a song that will deliver a clear and strong message to him.

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Alex starts off on a positive note, singing, “When he comes around / I can’t contain myself / The feelings like a magnet / Tried a million times / But can’t explain myself / All I knows I've gots to have it,” as he stares intently at her. However, the positive vibe is short lived, and his mood changes dramatically as she sings, “Someone save me / I’m on the verge of falling / In love / Or am I falling to the ground?”

The video allows the audience to see Alex’s performance from multiple points of view: hers, as she delivers lyrical blows from the stage; the guy’s, as he becomes increasingly uncomfortable during her performance; and the audience's as it becomes abundantly clear to them what is happening. The women in the audience co-sign the message as they most definitely can relate to what Alex is feeling. That support peaks when she proclaims, “Stop hallucinating over lame ass n****s.”  Conversely, the men seem not to be feeling it, especially Alex’s man and his friend sitting next to him. Near the end of the song, she feels more empowered as she playfully shrugs while singing, “Now I realize / You were never good for me,” and stares him down. 

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Believe it or not, the "Mirage" visual is actually the song's official lyric video. The lyrics do run across the bottom of the screen, but you'll be too caught up in the tension to pay attention. This might very well be one of the most dramatic lyric videos we've ever seen.

Alex Vaughn’s stock is on the rise, and we eagerly anticipate her next release. She's currently one of the opening acts on Summer Walker's The Summer Walker Series concert tour. For those of you in the DMV area, be sure to catch Alex performing on Day Two of the Broccoli City Festival on Sunday, May 8th. 

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