Victoria Monét Shares New Song ‘Nothing Feels Better’ To Celebrate Daughter Hazel’s First Birthday

Photo Credit: Victoria Monét/YouTube

Victoria Monét decided to celebrate her daughter's first birthday in the best way that she knows how: with a new song and music video to commemorate the occasion. Alongside fellow singer-songwriter Ant Clemons, Victoria penned "Nothing Feels Better," a love letter to her baby girl Hazel Monét Gaines.

The proud mama shared the song via a music video comprised of home videos over the course of her pregnancy through Hazel's first year of life. The clip starts with footage of Victoria and her partner John Gaines, Jr. (who wasn't just her co-star in the "Moment" visual but in real life, too) in the early days of her being pregnant, and we watch as her stomach grows while a bassline plays in the background.

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When it's time for Hazel to make her grand entrance, Victoria starts singing from her heart in the first verse. "Sometimes I don't know if I tell you enough / But I want you to know you make life better / I wonder if forever is even enough / It's a feeling I just can't measure," she sings, voicing her feelings of gratitude and love.

You really feel Victoria's joy when she gets to the chorus. "Baby, nothing, nothing feels better than loving you," she sings while current scenes of mama and baby dancing and enjoying themselves in a sunlit studio are mixed in. Vic pours more love into the second verse, and the song swells with strings from Maurice "Pirahnahead" Herd's Soulchestra.

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We don't know who's chopping onions up in here, but Victoria Monét's "Nothing Feels Better" has melted the icebox where our hearts used to be. This is such a sweet gift that Hazel will cherish for a lifetime when she gets older – and so will we.

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