Tinashe Shows She's Scary Good At What Comes 'Naturally' & Announces '333' Deluxe Edition

Photo Credit: Tinashe/YouTube

We always ride for Tinashe around these parts, and it's easy to see why. The talented singer always has a clear vision for her music and her style, a trait that's even more evident since she went indie. Now the star is getting ready to release the deluxe edition of her album 333, and she's introducing it with the new single "Naturally."

"Naturally" is a smoothed-out jam with a hint of a funky groove and head-nodding beat thanks to producers Dallas Caton, MPhazes and Midi Jones. The sleek production is just enough for our girl T to let out her inner sex kitten as she tempts an ex to relight the flame they once had. "I've been wondering why / With you, I'm at the highest of highs," she sings. "Can I have you back, maybe just for the night?" But her attempts to seduce don't end there, as she calls on familiarity on the chorus, reminding her ex on the chorus that, "Your body knows me, baby."

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In the video, Tinashe decides to take a completely different route as she mixes sexy and horrific to great effect. It begins with the singer taking on the role of haute couture farmhand as she leads a flock of sheep to pasture while ominously carrying a scythe. She soon shows us that she knows how to put the tool to work as she literally brings lambs to the slaughter (and oh, yes, there's a lot of blood). As if that weren't enough, the next scene features her at the butcher block as she revels in her carnage while scenes of a cowboy-themed dance break are intercut with her bloodlust. Tinashe drives the horror point home at the video's end as she playfully pays homage with a scene lifted directly from Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

333 Deluxe will feature "Naturally" alongside three other new songs ("Something Like A Heartbreak," "HMU For A Good Time," and "Woke Up Blessed") and will release on March 3rd. Jam to the song and peep its music video below, then stick around to see the deluxe edition's full tracklist.

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Tinashe 333 Deluxe tracklist:

1. Let Go
2. I Can See the Future
3. X (feat. Jeremih)
4. Shy Guy
5. Bouncin'
6. Unconditional (feat. Kaytranada)
7. Angels (feat. Kaash Paige)
8. 333 (feat. AB)
9. Undo (feat. Wax Motif)
10. Let Me Down Slowly
11. Last Call
12. The Chase
13. Pasadena (feat. Buddy)
14. Small Reminders
15. Bouncin' Pt. 2
16. It's a Wrap (feat. Quiet Child & Kudzai)
17. Something Like a Heartbreak
18. HMU for a Good Time (feat. Channel Tres)
19. Naturally
20. Woke Up Blessed 

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