Teedra Moses Recruits Eric Bellinger & Curren$y For Her 'Make Me' Remix

Photo Credit: Teedra Moses/Twitter

We love Teedra Moses, but the veteran songstress sure knows how to make us wait. She dropped her jamming single "Make Me" back in May of last year, leaving us to hope that her previously announced album The Bulls**t would be coming on the heels of that release. Some eight months later, and that didn't seem to be the case. The New Orleans-born singer hasn't forgotten about us though. She's made our wait that much sweeter by collaborating with singer Eric Bellinger and rapper Curren$y for a remix to "Make Me."

The remix to "Make Me" goes the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" route as it does little to alter the original song's sound. It's still based on that shimmering synth groove that sounds like it's pulled straight from 1985. Teedra is still in command as she demands to be the only one that you're lovin'. What changes, though, is Eric taking over the second verse as he makes some promises as to what he wants to do to her. "I'ma start off licky-licky with no hesitation / Give a f**k about a hickey / That's just confirmation," he sings. "So they know this yours and they know that's mine." Curren$y, meanwhile, takes the time to shout out his hustle while answering some of Teedra's concerns. "I feel you figure that I'm playin the field so / You hesitant to seal the deal / But this is really real," he rhymes at one point. "But it's a limited time offer / I'ma boss I got businesses far away from here / So what it is?"

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We're admittedly anxious to hear a new Teedra Moses project and this "Make Me" remix isn't a completely new song or an album release date, but you know what? It's enough to keep us jamming until her next project is ready on her own terms. Listen to the latest from Teedra when you press play.

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