SIPHO. Stops By 'COLORS' For His Special 'Occasion'

Photo Credit: COLORS/YouTube

For British musician SIPHO., it's time to shine. The singer has made waves across the pond, even garnering attention from The Guardian, for his unique sound that's rooted in R&B but also touched by gospel, rock and pop as well. He's now gearing up to release his new EP She Might Bleed. But first, he's taken to the stage at COLORS Studios with the set's lead single "Occasion."

The slow-paced groove of "Occasion," which is essentially just organ chords and drums, sounds nice but isn't the draw of the song. That factor is clearly SIPHO.'s voice. The live rendition of the song for COLORS highlights this as the singer stands against an orange backdrop and lets loose.

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He starts the song with a raspy growl as he begs, "Won't you talk to me crazy?" The odd request is earned with poetic lyrics as he sings of lust and love with a conviction you don't find in most modern singers. The true beauty of the song, though, is the singer's ability to give us notes tinged with a guttural urgency and then turn around and give us sweet and soft falsetto just as effortlessly. It's amazing to hear and watch.

If SIPHO. is new to you, then we suggest you get to know him by checking out a stream of "Occasion" and his COLORS performance right here. She Might Bleed is set to arrive on February 18th.

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