Sidibe Continues To Captivate With 'Go On Ahead'

Photo Credit: Sidibe/Instagram

Sidibe knows her way around affairs of the heart. The singer-songwriter has had us lovestruck for some years thanks to her brand of dreamy love songs that seem to always strike a chord. This year has already brought us one new song with "Diamond In The Desert." Now, she's back at it again with her latest, "Go On Ahead."

"Go On Ahead" is a smooth track based mostly around a guitar line and synths that create a mellow and romantic mood. The sexual energy is also high with this one, as well, and she's giving it to us something serious with breathy coos channeling the "synergy" of when two become one in that moment.

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The lyrics for the song, meanwhile, are some of her most straightforward yet. "It's in the way your hands / Take me to other lands / Helping me understand / My sensitivities," she sings longingly on the first verse. By the chorus, however, she's done with describing it all and ready for the main event, singing, "Go on ahead / Go on ahead / I wanna feel our bodies getting closer / Come over."

Usually when Sidibe puts out songs at this pace, it means that something more is coming down the road. She hasn't revealed any projects yet, but we have a feeling that she might have a little something something in the works coming soon. We're OK with her keeping those cards close to her vest as long as she keeps giving us songs like this in the meantime.

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Listen to "Go On Ahead" when you press play and learn the words to the amorous cut in the lyric video below.

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