Sidibe Shines Once Again With 'Diamond In The Desert'

Photo Credit: Sidibe/Instagram

Sidibe is always welcome around these parts. The songstress helped make our 2021 lovely back in August with her EP Saturn Return and then hit us off with reimagined acoustic interpretations of its tracks to close out the year. Sidibe isn't about to leave us hanging in 2022, either, as she recently released her newest single "Diamond In The Desert."

"Diamond In The Desert" shows the singer back in her element with a quiet storm-ready groove composed of sensual guitar, flute, synth keys and mellow drums. The melody feels warm and inviting, allowing for Sidibe's delicate vocal to entice us. She describes a warm California day that found her in the middle of nowhere.

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The road in her story slowly winds until it makes it to the chance meeting between her and her lover. She's clearly enamored and she's not afraid to show it on the chorus. "And when I think about it / Can't help but think about it," she sings. "How our whispers sounded / With nothing but our arms around us / Nothing else could compare to a beauty like you / Baby you are a diamond in the desert."

We could listen to the dreamy sounds of Sidibe all day (and will probably have this one on repeat for days to come). Join us in admiring her sparkling talent as you listen to "Diamond In The Desert" below and learn the song's lyrics via its lyric video.

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