Sherren Olivia Wants To Take You To Paradise With 'Treasure Island (Oasis)'

Photo Credit: Sherren Olivia/Instagram

Newcomer Sherren Olivia made a lovely first impression when she released her single "Are You Alone" at the end of last year. Now that we know her name and the talent she possesses, she's pushing the momentum from that release further by releasing her newest single "Treasure Island (Oasis)" just weeks later.

"Treasure Island (Oasis)" takes a different approach from the groove-based "Are You Alone." Built around a sultry saxophone and beautifully layered vocals, the song paints a picture of a romantic escape that just requires one to close their eyes and imagine. She asks that her lover be the paradise she needs, singing, "I know you care / So keep your eyes wide shut / Don't let me down / Tell me how does that sound?" Soon after, the song's sultry groove switches up over reversed drums as she sings, "Don't know where time's goin' / Long as you're here with me / I'll know where I'm going / Long as you're right with me."

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Sherren Olivia has definitely piqued our interest in her musical stylings. And with the songstress teasing the release of her album Oasis, we're very curious as to where she'll be taking us. We'll find out when Oasis is released this Thursday. Until then, take a listen to "Treasure Island (Oasis)" when you press play.

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