Robin Thicke Dedicates 'Day One Friend' To Andre Harrell With Some Help From Rapsody

Photo Credit: Jack Buster | Michael Kusumadjaja

It's been a little over a year since Robin Thicke released his eighth studio album On Earth, and in Heaven. Around the time of its release, he stated on social media, “This is an album about the people who aren’t here and the people who are here that made me who I am.” One of those people was Andre Harrell, and Thicke continues to pay homage to him on his new single "Day One Friend" featuring Rapsody.

Andre Harrell's untimely death in May 2020 deeply affected Thicke. Harrell was more than a music executive, he was Robin's mentor and friend. Robin channeled his grief over the loss into his music, and "Day One Friend" is the latest from the singer who seems to have finally found his happy place again.

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"Day One Friend" begins with a serene string intro before the beat drops in. That sets the stage for Rapsody to kick in the door with her bars. She shouts out all her day ones, namechecking a few and letting folks know that if they don't know her mama then this song doesn't apply to them.

Robin slides through with butter-smooth vocals and rides the mid-tempo beat singing about a friend who's been there from the beginning. Over the thump of a kick drum and horns, the verses find him celebrating life and both the extravagant and simple things. At the end of the fourth verse, he asks the existential question, "If you never knew pain, then what's pleasure?" giving the listener some perspective and food for thought.

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Listen to Robin Thicke and Rapsody toast it up for everyone they consider a "Day One Friend" below and share this song with the real ones in your life.

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