Robert Glasper Releases 'Black Radio III' & Drops 'Why We Speak' Lyric Video

Photo Credit: Robert Glasper/Instagram

Robert Glasper has teased and taunted us with the release of the third installment of his Black Radio series for the better part of two years now. It started with the release of his GRAMMY-winning single "Better Than I Imagined" and continued with more teasers throughout the years. He's finally done teasing though, as the album was finally released today. And to celebrate, he's also given us a lyric video for album track "Why We Speak."

Given that Esperanza Spalding and Q-Tip feature on the track, "Why We Speak" had to be a jazzy affair. In fact, it's one that transcends language as several tongues are used by Esperanza on the verses. She flips between French, English and even adds a bit of Spanish into the mix as she gets her point across as the words appearing in the lyric video like movie titles in front of a spinning record.

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"While we speak the English / While we speak the French / While we speak the Spanish," she sings on the chorus. "And bargain with the vendors / Not to sell our souls / In between remember / How to speak how we speak." Tip, meanwhile, flips abstract lyrics as usual while reminding us that "the truth will bring you to who you are."

The rest of Black Radio III keeps up the tried-and-true formula, combing Robert Glasper and his skills as both pianist and producer with a bevy of his famous friends. The result is yet another eclectic mix of sounds that speak to the many aspects of Black music on a whole. Check out the "Why We Speak" lyric video below and then stick around to stream Black Radio III in its entirety.

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Robert Glasper Black Radio III [Amazon][Apple Music]

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