Ravyn Lenae Wants To Get Close For A Moment On 'Skin Tight'

Photo Credit: Jean Phillipe

We haven't checked in with singer Ravyn Lenae since she dropped her last project Crush back in 2018. Since then, the "Sticky" singer has kept a relatively low profile. But that doesn't mean that she hasn't been cooking up something special. She returns to us to give us vibes like only she can with the release of her newest single "Skin Tight."

The song, produced by and featuring frequent collaborator Steve Lacy, rides along on a dreamy guitar riff and bass line that act as a soulful foundation for her feather-soft vocal. Ravyn uses the opportunity to lay out a non-traditional romantic arrangement. "Hope you understand / We won't go as planned," she sings. "Hold me while you can / Hold me while you can."

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She goes on to suggest a kind of no-strings-attached situation to her lover. However, it seems to be one in which he'll be at her beck and call. Steve, meanwhile, supplies the chorus as the longing lover who just wants some time, singing, "Hold me now / Skin tight / Are you out? / Come back / Cutie pie, all mine / Attitude my type."

"Thematically, it's about not being in a relationship with somebody, but still having those physical and mental ties," Ravyn Lenae said about the song in a press release. "It speaks to sharing kinetic energy with another person, even if time has passed and you aren't together anymore."

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You can listen to the track via Spotify and check out its trippy visualizer below.

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