Queen Naija & Big Sean Take It To The Streets Of New York In 'Hate Our Love'

Photo Credit: Shot By Sed

Queen Naija and Big Sean may rep hard for their hometown Detroit, but they take a trip to New York City in the music video for "Hate Our Love." Filmed partially on location in The City That Never Sleeps, director Cam Busby follows the singer and rapper as they profess their love for their significant others despite what the haters have to say.

The visual opens with a black-and-white aerial shot of NYC before the scene changes to The Breakfast Club co-host DJ Envy on the mic talking about cuffing season and cueing up his "new favorite joint," which is "Hate Our Love," of course. We then see Big Sean spitting his bars while sitting on the stoop of a brownstone. The picture changes to full color before we move to a fly penthouse where Queen is living quite lovely.

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Naija leaves her deluxe apartment in the sky to go for a walk, and everyone she passes by on the sidewalk is coupled up and loving on each other. She doesn't let that faze her and continues on her unbothered stroll. The scene then switches to a rooftop at night where Queen is now dressed in a winter white ensemble and joined by a few dancers who help her to bust a quick move.

Queen and Big Sean evenutally meet up on the street when it's time for him to kick his next verse. Although they don't play a couple in this video, they rock coordinating fashions like you'd do with your homie and give off big "don't eff with us or ours" energy.

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The official "Hate Our Love" music video follows the romantic lyric video that featured Queen Naija and her love Clarence White. This new clip may be light on the romance, but it's heavy on the message that the haters can keep hating while Queen Naija and Big Sean keep on loving who they love.

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