PJ Morton Gives Us Valentine's Vibes With 'Please Don't Walk Away' on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

Photo Credit: Shore Fire Media

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and that means love is on everyone's mind. With R&B being the most romantic genre out there (argue with ya mama), it's no surprise that many will be filling their playlists with it in the coming days. Late-night programs understand this, too, which is perhaps why the folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live! made sure to book PJ Morton to perform his current single "Please Don't Walk Away" days after the music video premiered.

PJ got suited and booted for the occasion in a monochrome red look that the rest of his band replicated, solidifying the Valentine's feels. The rest of the set was pure soul, though. The band flanked him on all sides to provide the musical foundation of the track. PJ, meanwhile, sat in the middle at the baby grand as he crooned the song's emotional lyrics. And when the song started feeling good to him near the end, a guitar solo had him channeling his '70s soul predecessors as he asked the audience to wave their hands from side to side before the song's final notes rang out.

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If you're feeling the Valentine's vibes or maybe need some time to get in the mood, allow PJ Morton to give you that loving feeling when you watch him do his thing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! by pressing play right here.

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