Mahalia Pens A 'Letter To Ur Ex' & Urges Her To Keep It Moving

Photo Credit: Mahalia/YouTube

Mahalia didn't let a little thing like a global pandemic slow her roll over the past two years. The singer-songwriter has consistently created and released new music and videos from her EP Isolation Tapes in May 2020 through now with her first drop of 2022, her new single "Letter To Ur Ex."

When an ex-girlfriend texts her man, Mahalia decides to keep it cute, calm and collected on "Letter To Ur Ex." Instead of choosing violence, she simply tells old girl to fall back and asks her to stop with her dramatic antics. "I know you're his ex, but you can't do that anymore / Close the door for me," she urges at the song's beginning.

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Our girl Mahalia empathizes with her because she's played the role of the heartbroken ex before, but now she needs Miss Thang to play her position and get gone. "There comes a time when you gotta let my love start / And I can only do that when you stop," Mahalia tries to reason with her. If it were only that simple.

Although she comes across as polite in the song, Mahalia is ready for war in the "Letter To Ur Ex" music video. The clip starts in the aftermath of the argument that popped off between Mahalia and her man after he gets the text from his ex. She sings directly into the camera, and her lyrics come across more as a warning now.

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Mahalia grabs her keys, puts on her jacket and goes for a walk through the streets of London as the beat drops in. Her nighttime stroll ends up at an apartment where she rings the outdoor entry system, but no one answers. She walks off and goes about her business before the camera pans around to reveal a plot twist. The video unfortunately didn't end with a "To Be Continued" note, but there's definitely more to this juicy story.

Listen to Mahalia try to reason with the unreasonable in "Letter To Ur Ex," and watch her bring the drama to someone's doorstep below.

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