Lion Babe & Busta Rhymes Give Us Some More With 'Harder'

Photo Credit: Courtney Harvier

Lion Babe gave us exactly what we needed when they dropped their third album Rainbow Child last summer. The set spawned several quality singles and videos (and even a few remixes) and had us under their spell once again. With the recently announced birth of the duo's child, we thought the twosome might be taking a break. That doesn't seem to be the case, however, as they're back with new single "Harder."

To be clear, "Harder" isn't exactly new. The track was exclusively featured in basketball game NBA2K22 when that release dropped in September. The song was too good to be contained to just a video game, though, prompting this larger rollout. One listen to the track and you'll easily understand why. The song is crafted on a house groove created by Astro Raw and DJ Mike Nasty that is instantly electric from the minute the thudding kick drops.

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"Need to take it to the left / Shake it like some ice / Got me cold, cold / Baby, you be kryptonite," singer Jillian Hervey interjects soon after to send the jam into overdrive when she's not chanting "gimme some mo'" over the club-ready beat. That chant is an omen of things as we soon get a smokin' hot 16 from Busta Rhymes himself before Jillian gives us her own nimble verse as the beat climbs and then drops into dancefloor ecstasy.

While "Harder" may only be new-ish, it seems that Lion Babe has much more in store. They've already teased another new song on Instagram and promised more visuals from Rainbow Child to come. And, as always, we'll be here happily waiting for any new new they want to bless us with.

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